Hiring a designer is an incredibly challenging task. Some people would opt for a designer home such as sol acres for sale. Some people wouldn’t dare of starting a project without professional consultation or opinion, and others can’t justify the expense. Where you fall in that debate is at the end of the day up to you. Here are some tips to ensure that you hire a suitable interior designer for your home renovation.

Trustworthy and honesty

elaborate portfolio

Nobody would prefer to hire someone which they cannot trust. It is a norm to get someone who is well spoken and provide us with good advice. Usually, referral from close friends would be a better choice rather than engaging someone whom you just met on a road show or from online search.

Company’s credential is not adequate 

Interior designers are abundant nowadays, and most of them claimed that they are from a reputable firm. They would often upsell their service by showcasing their company’s portfolio. It is crucial that not to be charmed by the elaborative portfolio of the company. It is worth to take not and obtain information on who was the one that worked on the particular project. You should be more concern if the person in charge of the project is not working with the company but the personnel you are consulting still highlight that project.

After sales service

After sales service is utmost important if there is certain renovation error in your home. The interior designer should be responsible enough to resolve it without additional cost or ensure that someone gets it done. Someone who will be there for you is much preferred, rather than a person who disappears after closing the sales.


comparison interior designer

Buyers nowadays love comparing things. Shoppers try on different shirts before deciding to a purchase. We test-drive different cars before purchasing one. Airline tickets can even be comparing via online before a booking is made. So it is a norm to compare proposal from different interior designers. One should not be lazy to meet up and discuss idea with different interior designers.

During present times, it comparison can be done with just a click with the internet. You can easily obtain a variety of design ideas on the website, which may provide you with inspiration related to your ideal theme. Videos on home renovation are abundant too, which you can also watch on Youtube.

Through detail comparison, it would help you to get the deal with your money is well spent and a better understanding on your intended renovation idea.


It is an important aspect to gain certain knowledge on renovation. We should not entirely rely on the advice of interior designer. This would allow a better understanding on what are the idea worth pursuing. Such knowledge should be obtained beforehand when you consult an interior designer. Learning can be an easy tasks nowadays though various self-learning sites and television programs and even Youtube channels.

Always follow your heart

Just because a designer treat you for a meal or coffee and spent a several hours talking through your ideal design options with you does not mean you have to hire them. A lengthy conversation is great because it gives you time to assess the persons understanding and personality. Do use this opportunity as an interview session, rather than a confirmation of your interest in hiring that person. Do not make a hasty decision and engage someone which you feel uncomfortable with.